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Our office is specially designed for Adults, Children (12 months and older), Orthodontic patients and patients with disabilities (Wheelchair accessible). We treat a wide range of local and international patients, including many health care professionals, executives and families who are health conscious.

Anxious patients

We also welcome anxious patients, who may be traumatized and apprehensive about dental treatment. With patience and a gentle touch, along with a variety of sedation options, such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation and conscious sedation, we are able to provide dental services to anyone who may have stayed away from the dentist due to fear or a previous bad experience. Dr. Lewis and his staff have been able to convert some of the most fearful patients to calm and satisfied patients who now enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. Our office is skilled in providing a positive dental experience, while promoting happy and healthy smiles for many years to come.


The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that parents accompany their child for their first dental visit at 12 months of age. Cavities in baby teeth can cause a number of problems, including tooth loss, ear and speech problems, crooked permanent teeth, severe pain, poor self-image and tooth decay. We eat and speak with our mouths. The teeth and mouth play a key role in our appearance. Good oral hygiene is a key component to becoming a healthy successful adult. Regular dental visits help your child stay cavity-free and educate them to be an active participant in maintaining their oral health.

Arrive early

If your appointment is for a first time visit, please call ahead or email us with your health and insurance information if applicable. This will help us to provide the high quality of care in which we take pride without unnecessary delays. Additionally, please arrive several minutes early to fill out the required new patient forms or download them from our website and fill them out at home prior to your appointment.

Keep us informed of any changes

For our existing patients, we kindly ask you to keep us informed of any changes. As you know, medical conditions can affect your overall health. Have you had any recent illnesses? Do you have any chronic conditions? Have you had any artificial parts placed in your body? It is important to share this information with us at every dental appointment so we can consistently provide the most complete and appropriate care.

At every dental visit, please bring a list of any medications you are taking, including both prescriptions and over-the -counter products. We will carefully evaluate your medical information before providing dental care.

Additionally, please update us with any new contact information and dental insurance information prior to your appointment.


“Dear Dr. Lewis and Staff, Thank You for the wonderful service i received on Monday December 5th. It has taken me a while to find a dentist that i am comfortable with. But i feel that search has been solved. I am looking forward to having a long relationship with you and your staff. Again, Dr. Lewis thank you for your skillfull work. I will recommend you at every opportunity.”
Sincerely Ms. D. Samuels

“On my first visit to the dental offices of Dr. Lewis, i was impressed by the professional treatment and the sensitive care that i received from everyone in the office. I am sure from the apparent condition of my mouth on that first visit everyone knew that i have not been a frequent visitor to anyone's dental offices. However, I believe that i have now found a dental home, and i will be a frequent visitor from now on. Thank You.”
Verdi P

”With regard to the services that have been provided to me by Dr. Derek A. Lewis & Associates, I'd like all to know that i have been a patient of Dr. Lewis for approximately 20 years. I find the office to be very business-like and courteous in their dealings with patients and the provision of services. Over the years i have been able to feel confident that i was receiving the best possible service available . You feel free to ask questions and be assured that you are receiving correct information and sound advice. I have recommended several friends to use the services of Dr. Lewis and to my best knowledge thay have been pleased with the services. I'm pleased to have expressed my thoughts in the form of most positive testimonial for Dr. Derek A. Lewis DDS.”
Fay F

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